Zero Trust

Do you care about your online Safety and Privacy?

ZT-ONE is an encrypted mobile communications solution based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and software, allowing you to blend in with the masses and stay protected from snooping.

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ZT-ONE is based on the Zero Trust security framework, requiring additional policies to be met, such as: identity verification, make or model, and even the device's overall security posture.

Network traffic is always in an encrypted state to protect you from snoopers, apps cannot access geolocation information unless you want them to, and even running your own apps is possible. We've got you covered with over 350+ security policies!

Optionally enable our DNS Security add-on to automatically monitor your digital security.

Key Features

  • End-to-end encrypted communications based on Matrix.org
  • Google Pixel device(s)
  • Competitive pricing
  • From fully hosted to self-managed hosting
  • Blend in with the masses
  • Protected from snooping
  • Hardened version of GrapheneOS (Android)
  • Strong user-centered policies
  • Use based licensing (e.g. secure burner solution)
A product by AKASEC.com


From mission critical enterprise communication solutions to open-source solutions for sending chat messages, making calls or even video calls. Even running your own applications is possible as devices and security policies can be customized to your needs.

@ Undisclosed News Outlet

Our journalists often work abroad, covering stories in areas with an increased risk of riots, demonstrations, crime, conflict, and even espionage. The ZT-ONE lets them safely and securely communicate with our HQ.

Principal Cyber Risk
@ Ministry of Defense

Covert operations often require expensive tamper-proof mobile devices or the cheaper so-called 'burner phones'. The trade-off is often security. We don't have to make that trade-off anymore as the ZT-ONE has security at its core.

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